We diodn't do it

Maxine Wesley maxine.wesley at PORT.AC.UK
Tue Sep 6 04:14:43 EDT 2005

> From:    Mick Davis <MICKYMOOCHER at AOL.COM>
> Subject: Re: We didn't do it ;-(
>  I firmly believe if you had an ep of right to decide, brainbox
> pollution live when they crank it up and jam  at the end, needle gun
> and a beefed up version of psi power then you have got  the four
> strongest single tracks and the djs could choose any one of the four
> and all of them are radio material - these tracks i firmly believe
> would get the  band back in the limelight for sure !

I concur with Brainbox Pollution and Needle Gun ! Double A side!



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