We didn't do it ;-(

Dave Law dplaw at IC24.NET
Tue Sep 6 06:37:55 EDT 2005

speaking personally i think that everyone involved in the SOTA have to move
on, by that i don't mean just forget about HW ever having a "hit" single but
if it were to happen again i feel it has to be something new, and for me
there's only one candidate - Sunray

i'm lucky enough to have an advance copy of the album (review coming soon)
and this track just stands out so much as a natural single, it's as hooky as
hell, great vocals from Arthur and just sounds "BIG" and even in unedited
form it clocks in at just under 4 mins!

it might sound bizarre but it could also lend itself to being used on TV
programs and at sporting events, i'm thinking big footie matches as it has a
very exciting feel to it!

i think all cocerned with this need to take stock, concentrate on getting
the album out and seeing where they go from there.

just my personal thoughts



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