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On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Stephan Forstner wrote:

:Subject: Re: HW: Space Poetry


:And it brings up a slight logical problem (maybe problem is too strong a
:word) that has always bugged me - even if she were underage at the time of
:the Starfarer's leavetaking, in a few years she would have reached the age
:of majority, or consent, or right-to-freezedry, or what-have-you, and get
:herself frozen then, assuming she really WANTED to wait for him, thus
:negating one problem ("you'd be about 60 now and long dead by the time I
:returned to earth") entirely.
:Great poetry shouldn't be nit-picked. Sorry about that.

heh.  but nitpicking poetry can be such fun!

Perhaps there was some other reason why she wouldn't have been able to
freeze.  ObObnoxiousFeministVersion: perhaps the men in her society have
control over the women, so that even when she does come of age, she
doesn't have those rights.  ObOtherFeministVersion: Perhaps she has such
an important job that she isn't willing to freeze herself.
ObLudditeVersion: perhaps the cryosleep technology was proven to be unstable in the
intervening few years.  ObScaryVersion: perhaps the starfarer is a scary
stalker type, and she cannot wait to get rid of him (after using the
convenient excuse of "oh, well, my father won't let me...")

..but alas, we'll never know.  Not until HW do a sequel or version from
her perspective ;-)

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