just out of curiousity

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Can't be bothered to e mail this personally so I'll check what's happened -
we sold about 60-70 of each single in the end - not bad considering.........
Andy G.
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> CDS may be 'a much better vendor' but I still haven't received my singles
> that I had on pre-order from them. I cancelled the TMTYL order as they
> couldn't guarantee the bonus DVD and ordered through Amazon.
> Eddie.
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> >On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Mark Storer wrote:
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> >:Subject: Re: just out of curiousity
> >:
> >:Hi Dave,
> >:I have to point out that Bloody Amazon sent my two singles separately,
> >:thereby charging me twice for postage!!!
> >:Mark Storer
> >
> >To avoid this, Rich and I asked them to only ship one package, which is
> >probably why ours hasn't yet arrived (since we ordered the new cd on the
> >same order.)
> >
> >Gah.  That's amazon for you.  All told, CDS is a much better vendor, but
> >we were aiming to help in chart trek.  Of course, we hadn't realized that
> >only singles *shipped* would count.  (We figured that ordered would
> >count.)  Meh.  mea culpa, we'll know better for next time.
> >
> >Of course, for those of us overseas, we are very screwed for picking up
> >the singles anywhere in our local music shops.  (Anyone on our side of
> >pond spot them in any of your local shops?)
> >
> >meh.  As long as we get them within the month, we'll be ok.
> >
> >Arin
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