HW: Space Poetry

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Wed Sep 7 06:13:52 EDT 2005

Arin Komins writes:

> Perhaps there was some other reason why she wouldn't have been able to
> freeze.  ObObnoxiousFeministVersion: perhaps the men in her society have
> control over the women, so that even when she does come of age, she
> doesn't have those rights.  ObOtherFeministVersion: Perhaps she has such
> an important job that she isn't willing to freeze herself.
> ObLudditeVersion: perhaps the cryosleep technology was proven to be unstable in the
> intervening few years.  ObScaryVersion: perhaps the starfarer is a scary
> stalker type, and she cannot wait to get rid of him (after using the
> convenient excuse of "oh, well, my father won't let me...")

A more prosaic explanation would be that the society itself couldn't
permit loads of productive worker to absent themselves into the future
and so there'd have to be limits on who could do so. Having to get
parental permission while a young adult would be a good stopper for most
since cryosleep would be robbing the parents of grandchildren.


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