Todays Sun 09.09.05

Colm Mcwilliams colm.mcwilliams at NTLWORLD.COM
Fri Sep 9 05:26:42 EDT 2005

Your right Dave this "england crisis" doesnt bother me at all. :-)

To be honest i hope they keep Sven in charge as i cant see anyone else out there who in my opinion that is an english manager who could do a better job.

Anyway even if england get to the world cup which they still probably will they will just blow thier chance of winning it like they always do.

ALso on Matthew wright i think he used to have links with the Mirror newspaper.


> From: Dave Law <dplaw at IC24.NET>
> Date: 2005/09/09 Fri AM 10:06:22 BST
> Subject: Re: Todays Sun 09.09.05
> i'll try and reply to both Iain and Colm's post here
> can't sat i disagree with you about the Sun and i can't say i agree with
> hardly anything it stands for, they like to think that they speak on behalf
> of the whole country, a perfect example being the current England manager
> "crisis" (tho i doubt this will worry people with the surnames Ferguson and
> Mc Williams ;-) ) they quote in todays paper "England fans want Sven Goran
> Eriksson to be sacked" well i'm an England fan and i personally don't! but
> regardless of this and as you rightly point out it does have massive
> circulation and as the old saying goes you can't look a gift horse in the mouth!
> moving on to Matthew Wright he used to be the showbiz editor for either the
> Mirror or the Sun and i hear he is well conected in Fleet street.
> hope that helps
> regards
> dave

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