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Jonathan Jarrett jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Fri Sep 9 06:37:03 EDT 2005

        Dear All,
                  just been out to pick up my copies of the singles
(*interesting* artwork!) and stopped by a record stall I've not before
patronised. Quite a lot of Hawk-stuff, not counting the stuff I wanted
myself which I'm not telling you about :-) I got Calvert's _Hype_ and
ADII's _Meetings with Menmachines..._, the latter of which I didn't expect
to see, but there were also the following things which I can pick up for
people if they want--mail me off-list if you're interested.

        (I didn't check the surfaces of any of these, so quality
assessments for the vinyl are only to do with how battered the sleeve was
and claims of labels and so on.)


        _Space Ritual_ 2LP in good nick, £15
        _In Search of Space_ LP with Hawkwind log, reasonable, £20
        _Quark Strangeness and Charm_ LP, 2 copies both looking good, £10

        _Emergency Broadcast System Sampler_, £8


        _Presidents Tapes_, reasonable, £10

        _Pass Out_, £10 I think

        As I say, I don't want any of these, got them all in some form or
other already which is enough for me, but if anyone else would like me to
bag them and doesn't mind sending me a cheque for price+postage or
whatever, I'll do that--don't suppose Cambridge is going to suck the guy's
stash dry just yet. I didn't have time to go through everything, this ws
the unsorted stuff, so I'll maybe find more next time I go.

        One thing I might check with the collectors out there, he also had
a lot of Who vinyl, including a copy of _Quadrophenia_ with a booklet
thicker than both records put together, and a _Tommy_ box edition; these
were both going for a tenner, and looked, um, well-loved. Are there lots
of these out there or are they worth picking up? He was getting his prices
from Record Collector so I don't suppose they're be particularly
bargainous, but they looked like quite good artefacts. Yours all,

ObCD: Alchemysts - _Zero Zen_ (you should all have a copy of this by the
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