more Wright Stuff - stuff

Dave Law dplaw at IC24.NET
Fri Sep 9 07:40:04 EDT 2005

ok who fancies this?

being lucky enough to have a little bit of communication with Mr Wright i
did suggest the idea to him about getting some hawkfans on the show sometime
in the future.

well just had a reply from him and he's well up for the idea! and suggests
next Wednesday as an ideal time

so either drop me a line at the usual place - davelaw at or
phone   0207 985 1985 and speak to Seyi (pronounced Shay) to get your tickets!

it's free admission and recorded on the third floor at Whitely's shopping
center Queensway London.

hope that may be of interest to some of you, don't think i can make it
although might have to see what the leave situation is for next week at work!



p.s - i do get the impression that Matthew is well up for this!

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