Mark Storer mjec.storer at NTLWORLD.COM
Wed Sep 14 06:19:20 EDT 2005

I am now the proud owner of TMTYL with dvd!!!
I ordered it again from Amazoony on Monday(12th, day of release), it arrived
this morning.
I am still told that the one I ordered on 25th July is not in stock yet!!
Amazoony need much more than a kick up the arse.
p.s. the dvd is pretty good, sound quality crap on the live tracks though.
cd is excellent, still not sure about "Letter to Robert"

Mark Storer.

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From: "pete howe" <sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: TMTYL

> beggars belief!!!
>    I rang AMAZON, as advised,as i still havent received my TMTYL CD/SE and
> they insisted they hadnt had the item in yet!When i insisted that others
> had
> received theirs, and i ordered in July, they said , it wouldnt have been
> from them and did i know these people.I said I knew one personally, he
> just
> said ,they couldnt have got it from Amazon as they hadnt received the item
> yet, and were terminating my call!
>   Customer service???Amazon need a good kick up the arse!.
>             disgusted
>                   Pete
> Mark Storer <mjec.storer at NTLWORLD.COM>
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>>Subject: Re: TMTYL
>>Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:25:26 +0100
>>Ok folks, see if this makes sense!!!
>>I ordered TMTYL on 25th July, and it still says awaiting dispatch on
>>I ordered another one yesterday, and have just received an email to say it
>>has been sent!!!!
>>First come first served my arse!
>>Mark Storer
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>>From: "pete howe" <sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM>
>>Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 8:59 AM
>>Subject: Re: TMTYL
>>>hmppph!!!I ordered mine in July,and NOT by the slower super saver
>>>delivery..and ive still got a delivery estimate of the 17th, and im in
>>>U.K...and no word yet from Amazon about it being despatched!Yet friends I
>>>know who order after me, and by Super Saver SLOWER delivery  have already
>>>got theirs!!!
>>>                 grrrrrr..
>>>                   pete

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