It's arrived!!

StevePXR5 at AOL.COM StevePXR5 at AOL.COM
Thu Sep 15 18:12:06 EDT 2005

In a message dated 15/09/2005 21:08:19 GMT Standard Time,
colin at CALLEN18.FREESERVE.CO.UK writes:

The  Litmus CD went in the post yesterday lunchtime (14th  September).

Ah. Thanks. I look forward to it.
Just had to turn off my TV or I would have been watching Hawkwind all  night,
and I have work tomorrow. Ended up with the Taste video on. Never  one of my
favourites but enjoyed it tonight... wonder why?
The SOTA and Psychedelic Warlords clips on the free DVD are superb! Nothing
fancy, just the band recorded as they are. Bring on a full DVD of a recent or
forthcoming tour soon please. It is happening now for this band, they are
buzzing now! And so are we.
Where can I buy a white lab coat?


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