Don't understand

pete howe sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Sep 18 09:18:49 EDT 2005

I think Amazon have just made a big cock up , to be friend
preordered in early august and he got his on the day of release.I ordered
mine in July and it didnt arrive at all...When I rang them, they insisted
they hadnt had stocks in, and people who had them must have got them
elsewhere!!So....I then  cancelled my JULY order, and reordered it(last
wednesday), along with some other cds, to get the free delivery, and
everything arrived on SATURDAY!! ..Im sure if id left it, id still be
waiting for my JULY order to arrive! Oh and i got the DVD version still,
It'll be interesting to see if it dents the official charts tonight!

>From: "Appelt, Christian" <christian-appelt at INFOMEDIC.DE>
>Reply-To: BOC/Hawkwind Discussion List <BOC-L at LISTSERV.ISPNETINC.NET>
>Subject: Don't understand
>Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 12:35:08 +0200
>Hi Folks,
>I ordered my CD at AMAZON UK in July and got it in Germany on Wednesday....
>How come???

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