Wot no Allen?

Charlie Grant grinningboy at NTLWORLD.COM
Mon Jul 24 16:17:40 EDT 2006

No Allen at the Astoria yesterday either. Eric said from the stage that he 
is ill and would be getting treatment back in the States - although he 
didn't elaborate.
This was the 3rd gig that I saw on this tour (Guilfest, Southampton and 
London) - didn't get to see Astronomy at any of them - there was alot of 
loud requesting for it. The Astoria set contained no encores as there was a 
10:15 curfew. This was a bit of a shame as they could have come on earlier 
and done a slightly longer set, but hey it was still an hour and a half ish 
of BOC, and they spent quite a long time on the stage at the end of the set 
thanking the crowd etc. Southampton was the best gig I saw - great venue 
(like someone's front room) long set and some gems thrown in too - see you 
in black, transmaniacon mc. All of the set lists from the current tour are 
on www.hotrails.co.uk (except London which will eventually appear). This is 
a great site.

.......Charlie. (CtGB).
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> Tony wrote:
>> It was the same the previous night in Newcastle.  I hope Allen's alright.
>> The only blessing (and it is the only one before I get flamed) is that if 
>> he
>> doesn't play tonight in London (which of course I hope he does but it 
>> looks
>> unlikely) is that they won't play Joan Crawford as an opener like they 
>> did
>> in Bilston on Monday.  I love the song but it's not right as a show 
>> opener.
>> Get well soon Allen.
> I've put a review up at
> http://www.kalyr.com/weblog/music/001516.shtml
> Anyone remember the complete setlist? 

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