OFF: when 'lucky' met 'brandy' and an ice cold 'chiller'

Amphetamine Embalmer superskrull666 at YAHOO.CO.UK
Wed Nov 1 14:11:38 EST 2006

I got lucky with new friends since I picked up Pentagram "First Daze Here", an awesome collection of vintage US occultish doom rock from Pennsylvania. The later stuff isn't so good though. Most of their best stuff was in the 70's, really really sweet stuff. Bobby Liebling must be my all time hero next to Dave Brock.... eeerie and spooky. If you like really psychic 'hippie' doomrock like Roky Erickson, Witchcraft, early Sabs etc. check them out!! Abit like Stooges (Metallic 2X0) and Rainbow too (ca. "Man On The Silver Mountain")


ObCD: Dictators "Manifest Destiny"

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