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On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 04:14:52PM -0800, Keith Henderson typed out:

>   AnotherObCD: Dr. Didg (older discs on RykoDisc): either one - also a
>   potential gimmicky thing, with didg-samples/loops used as rhythm
>   tracks for pseudo-trancey world music/danceable rock.  But it's damn
>   good stuff too.  Nice guitar work.

	I saw them once, a long time ago (nearly ten years), and can 
agree that actually they were pretty good. Far tighter than you'd expect 
a didgeridoo-based band to be. An offshoot of Magic Mushroom Band I 

I bought a 4 disc box set of 3rd Eye bands at 49,- NOK - some good stuff 
including MMB.... Astralasia etc.

>   P.S.  Nice to see the inevitable return of ChrMum to the list.  Must
>   be time for El Niño to come back too.

	I think my position here has to be "I love to talk, if there's 
anything to talk about"...

What about bootlegging Dave Brocks brain and selling it on CD....

>   P.P.S.  Where the hell did Doug Pearson go?  This side of the
>   Atlantic has been far too quiet in recent months.  I know, I'm
>   partly responsible for that (though I'm not responsible for being on
>   the wrong side of the Atlantic), but I just haven't been seeing too
>   many shows here in Cowtown/Buckeyeland.  Ozrics and Comets on Fire,
>   but they were months ago.

	If anyone *does* know where Doug Pearson is, I'd appreciate 
hearing from him, actually.

I need Doug to burn me a new set of CDs of the CAPTAIN JESUS & THE SUNRAY 
DREAM LPs, they are really good stuff.....


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