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I liked early TSOL when they were in "Suburbia" but after that they tried to be some biker/metal band and it just seemed like second rate Crue or GNR. 

Amphetamine Embalmer <superskrull666 at YAHOO.CO.UK> wrote:  Yes! Excactly 100% METAL. Back when Hawkwind were some of the roughest chaos rockers I became a fan
when they also were so contemporary too. Like Guns N Roses or TSOL Hawkwind were HEAVY in the 80's:)
I was in awe because I had never heard heavy metal like that with synthesizers and such lush mythology
built around it. Made me a fan forever. I think Ron Tree was one of the strangest and coolest things to 
happen to Hawkwind. I miss Ron! Stuff like Alchemy and Reptoid Vision... ah, it was glorious...


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Curiously, Chronicle of the Black Sword was also my first taste of Hawkwind. 
Although the opening track struck me as a bit more metal than the band 
really is, I couldn't stop listening to that record and I had to explore 
further... And now hundreds of CDs, albums, singles, posters, programs, 
shirts, and concerts later, I'm still just as interested!

I think that Xenon Codex is one of the most underrated albums in their vast 
catalog. After listening to it for the first time I remember being in awe, 
thinking, how can Hawkwind of all bands go on making great albums when they 
are supposedly well past their "expiration date." I thought it a remarkably 
solid album, especially for a band who had been at it as long as they had at 
the time. Hawkwind always manage to somehow coax some additional energy 
from the fuel rods for another journey....

John Majka

Xenon Codex has to be my favorite Hawkwind album, and it was the second 
album by the band I got when it came out
right after buying my first Hawkwind CD in 1988 (Chronicle of The Black 
Sword) SHARP033
... Stuff like Neon Skyline and Sword of The East are just awesome still...

Guy Bidmead is in fact producing Uli Roth of The Scorpions these days...

a fan,

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