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> Hmmm. Any way to get from Sheffield and back?
> FoFP

No problem.

For trains between Sheffield and Brockholes (or Huddersfield) go here:
or here:
and put in the relevant placenames and dates.

For buses between Holmfirth and Brockholes (or even Holmfirth and 
Huddersfield) find times by going here and clicking on the Journey Planner 
or here (if it works):
then putting in the relevant placenames.   Irritatingly it only allows you 
to select up to 1st December but buses on Sunday 26th November or Monday 
27th November should still be relevant in December (surely?).   You can get 
a full timetable by clicking on the appropriate tag.

There seems to be plenty of choice!

Jill Strobridge <jill.strobridge at blueyonder.co.uk>

> Jill Strobridge writes:
>> Just in case anyone is interested:  I've been doing some web browsing
>> (National Rail Enquiries and Traveline mostly) and was surprised at just 
>> how
>> accessible Holmfirth seems to be - much more so than I imagined!   A 
>> regular
>> and plentiful bus service from Huddersfield or you can get almost all the
>> way by train (at least as far as the appropriately named Brockholes and a 
>> 15
>> minute bus ride after that).   There's even public transport on Sundays!
>> In fact Yorkshire appears to have one of the most well organised 
>> transport
>> system in the country and so far I'm thoroughly impressed (though 
>> admittedly
>> not having travelled on it yet this could all change!).

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