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Colin Allen colinjallen at YAHOO.CO.UK
Fri Nov 17 08:28:27 EST 2006

It is not a serious consideration; the chances of his petition being taken seriously in the UK are precisely 0.

Martin Hutchby <Thaiboysexpress at AOL.COM> wrote:
  An absolutely outrageous idea that ordinary people should be allowed to 
carry guns of any description. Look at the comparison between gun related deaths i
n the UK and the US, popuation difference aside the per capita %age speaks 
for itself. Also look at the statistics of how many of them are shot with their 
own weapon (that includes cops).
Just think of the amount of idiots that get a driving licence - you want to 
trust them to make split second decisions to use a firearm correctly and in 
accordance with prevailing legislation ?????
And out of interest, what sort of "training qualification" would be 
appropriate......I don't think there are many judgemental simulators in the public 
domain which would allow for scenario training; let alone people qualified to 
impart the rationale behind the whole judgemental process of whether to shoot 
or not.
I know this isn't the forum for this debate but I cannot believe this is 
even a serious consideration.

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