BOC: Six Degrees of Imaginos

Albert Bouchard albert at CELLSUM.COM
Sun Nov 19 22:32:34 EST 2006

Joey C did final vocals on del rio's song, gil blanco county and  
magna of illusion as well as siege. Steve Schenck has the tapes. I  
don't know if they will ever be released but I know they are all  
excellent. I also have another excellent instrumental version of  
imaginos that no one has heard, There might be better final vocals  
from me but I was not singing so well at that time. I'm sure I could  
do them a lot better now. :-(

On Nov 16, 2006, at 4:22 PM, rhamel4129 at AOL.COM wrote:

> I've been on a bit of an Imaginos kick lately. Currently I've been  
> listening to the released Imaginos, Albert's 1982 (or was it '84)  
> demos, and the stuff that Albert has put out in bits and pieces  
> with Brain Surgeons. My question: What other versions of the  
> Imaginos songs might be out there? The Albert demos seem to have  
> most of the music complete without effects, most of the backups  
> complete, but Albert's lead vocals seem to be more of the reference  
> variety (trying out different cadences, etc) than a final product.  
> Somewhere in between the demos and final release, Joey Cerisano was  
> brought in to redo the vocals. Are there versions of these  
> recordings (only "...Frankenstein" having been used on the final  
> product) out there? Did he redo all of the other lead vocals? Are  
> there versions out there with more refined Albert vocals?
> Curious what else might be out there...
> Thanks,
> Rich
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