New Dark Sun and Oresund Space Collective FINALLY in stock!

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Fri Nov 24 15:29:41 EST 2006

Hello all,

Sorry for the purely marketing email but I've had a load of people waiting
on the new Oresund Space Collective and Dark Sun CDs. And I've FINALLY got
them!! So head on over to the store at:  or drop me an email if you have

Here's what just arrived:

Dark Sun - Astral Visions II (2006) (2-CDR)
Wow, this is very different from the freeform jams that characterized Astral
Visions I.  Volume II consists of soundboard and audience recordings from
2000 - 2005. We've got live  versions of songs from their amazing debut
album, Feed Your Mind, unreleased tracks, and  killer covers of Hawkwind,
Pink Floyd, Chrome and Magic Mushroom Band songs. This is a  limited edition
print run of 150 copies. This... is... SPACE ROCK!!!

Oresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay (2006) (2-CD)
OSC are a Danish-Swedish all improvizational, all instrumental space rocking
MACHINE! Their  latest is a 2-CD set. As great as the debut was, the new
album features a band that is  clearly tighter and more in tune with each
other, as many of these improvised tunes have a  definite composed feel, and
there are tracks that ROCK much harder than anything heard on the  first
album. Total Space Rock, but with a Progressive feel, this will easily make
my best of  2006 list. The tracks range in length from 5 - 25 minutes, so
you know these guys are really  stretching out. And the 2-CDs come housed in
a DVD styled package with beautiful artwork by  Ed Unitsky. Don't miss this

Oresund Space Collective - s/t (2006) (CD)
BACK IN STOCK!! Oresund Space Collective are a somewhat fluid collective of
Danish and  Swedish musicians from such bands as Mantric Muse, Gas Giant,
Bland Bladen, Carpet Knights  and Sgt Sunshine. All improvised and all
instrumental, these guys are the ultimate cosmic jam  band. The CD is a
limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies. Spaaaaaace!!!

Magnolia - s/t (2006) (CD)
Heavy 70's inspired progressive blues rock from Sweden. Guitar/bass/drums
driven with some  keyboards, Magnolia take their cue from Cream, Novmber,
West Bruce & Lang, but also inject a  psychedelic vibe into many of the
songs (their name comes from the Blue Cheer song, "Magnolia  Caboze
Babyfinger".) The songs aren't long but the band still manage to include
absolutely  killer jams segments. Hot stuff!

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