HW: Take me to your Future

Iain Ferguson iainferguson at AOL.COM
Wed Sep 20 11:56:56 EDT 2006

I , had a copy of the Treeworgy one, it had lovely patterns all over it..

at the time it was great to see any footage, but a deeply suspect that 
unless its taken from the master its going to look awefully grainy, with 
old school graphics all over it...

I never saw the brixton one on a legitimate tape, only a copy ( sorry 
folks only way to get hold of it)... Whats the quality like, its it the 
show with the 3 teepee's on stage.... can't believe i missed that 
brixton gig, i've been to just about all of them since about 86.....


John Cartledge wrote on 20/09/2006, 16:39:

 > Are the Space bandits/promos and Treworgey the ones that came out on
 > video via taste productions back in the early 90s? If so, there were a
 > couple of others too from 93/94 (Bournemouth and Brixton if memory
 > serves). These would all be good to see again on dvd (especially if
 > cleaned up a bit).
 > John

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