Aural Innovations: New Space Rock Radio Show + New Mail Order Goodies

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Sun Sep 24 07:41:13 EDT 2006


I've just uploaded a new show from Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show
#159). See the playlist below. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day
in hi and lo bandwidth Mp3 and RealAudio editions. You can go directly to
the Radio shows page at:

Remember the space rock band Born to Go? Former singer/bass player Marc
Power is in England hosting the One Tribe radio show, and his latest is a
Born to Go special, available as an mp3 podcast. Check it out at

MAIL ORDER NEWS: Lots of stuff this week. I've got replacement CDs for the
new Seven That Spells CD - It Came From The Planet of Love, so that's back
in the store. Also in stock is the 2-CDR Love Love Love from Brooklyn based
space/kraut/hard psych rockers La Otracina. Three CDs by Peruvian bands: The
latest from hard space/psych rockers La Ira de Dios, prog/psych ensemble
Nudo de Espejos, and progressive rock band Flor de Loto. Finally, I've got
the first album from Swedish space/electronic/trance band Skomm. I just
discovered them and am excited about the new album they're working on so I
thought I'd grab some copies of their first album. NOTE: I should soon have
the CD by Earth Lab, which features ex-Hawkwind guitarist Jerry Richards,
Ron Tree, Steve Swindells, Simon House and others. For details and ordering
information you can go directly to the online store at

Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #159)

La Otracina - "Acide Cervau." (from Love Love Love)
Skomm - "Asmuss" (from Aztec Challenge)
Auroris - "Tentacles" (from Recycled Space Debris)
Zen - "Soul Collector" (from The Sound of Shit Happening)
Soma.Planet - "Secret Triangle" (from Soma.Planet)
La Ira de Dios - "Eterna Ascension" (from Empirea)
Nudo de Espejos - "Hipnosis" (from Nudo de Espejos)
Flor de Loto - "El Nino Y El Puerco" (from Flor de Loto)
Shom - "So Far" (from Part One-The Phantom Drum)
Colour Haze - "Gold & Silver" (from Tempel)
Astro Al - "Wasted Therapist" (from Exploding Plastic Inedible)
Nekropolis - "Molokko Plus" (from forthcoming Molokko Plus)

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