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Wed Aug 1 10:01:46 EDT 2007

*you can blame me for that's because of Satan..........but I did
make sure it was made of high-quality German stock, and let's see anybody
find a German fact...I think I will pursue that very copy again
one day (I almost got it before my life crashed)......mine better play or I
am getting Carol to send me airfare to Brighton......*
*so, glad you brought this up......we need to get a master-tape release of
this as well if it can be done*
*I think it may not be possible, however, for the same reasons Alien
knowledege is a no-no*
*ps-pretty sure I coulda made an _even better_ one from my Spanish copy, but
I couldn't keep his Royal Highness waiting (it would only have been better
by one pop, and maybe having German grooves is still best)*
*somebody has a copy of Choose Your Masques that was made just before it got
officially released and was done exactly as the official release came
out......but it had ONE pop...damn......I want it is MY

On 8/1/07, Carl Edlund Anderson <cea at> wrote:
> On 31/07/2007 20:18, mark wrote:
> >
> And speaking of The Maximum Effect (the album, in this case) does anyone
> out there have, or know if is still available, the kind-of-released,
> master-from-vinyl CD version of _The Maximum Effect_ that was put out
> around 2001 (by Judge Trev?)?  It was really just a CD-R, and when I
> went to play mine the other day, I discovered it's degraded to the point
> where it doesn't play anymore! :P  I should have digitised a copy years
> ago! :/
> Cheers,
> Carl
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