[Up-Tight] Space Ritual

vzenv14m maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET
Fri Aug 10 10:10:18 EDT 2007

Please ignore last posting, I misread where a posting came from.  It looked
like 1 of your emails was from Arin, so I wasn't sure what the deal was, but
it was my fuck up, not yours.  By the way, feel free to express yourself
however's comfortable, I don't have hang ups about language and all that.
You'll get to know me better as time goes by, the first time I met Nik he
was talking and after about 10 minutes he used the word "Shit," and
apologized to me, so I gave him a hug and told him to watch his fuckin
language and don't get all prissy around me, just because I'm a woman. We
both laughed.
As a Hawkfan, I try to be a free thinker, which gets me into thoughts about
conspiracies and all that kind of stuff.  Unfortunately, the works of Robert
Anton Wilson aren't available to me.  I am going to reread Ben down so long
it looks like up to me,, for some fun reading, I read it as a teen-ager, and
I think It's time for a reread.  Write when you feel like it, and Mike and I
had a long chat this morning, since neither of us could sleep well.  Take
care, my friend,

Catch you later,

Your friend,


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