Off Topic

vzenv14m maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET
Mon Aug 13 07:06:39 EDT 2007

Hi friends,
Has anyone else been watching the pilots for Masters of Sci-fi, or something
like that.  It's on here in the states for 4 weeks, the second was last
Saturday at 10at night.  A bad time slot, I'm trying to generate interest,
the last episode was a Heinlein story which dealt with America's xenophobia.
There's going to be a Harlan Ellison story too.  I think a show like this
has potential.  Maybe they could find some stories to use by P. K. Dick, or
Michael Moorcock.  It's nice to be able to get it for free.  It's the first
time I've bothered with TV in a few years.

now, back to the music,


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