backstep to a new start

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 14 07:24:12 EDT 2007

and to make it worse, I corrected the typo when it went to it's
destination........and I thank you for keeping celebrity singular, in fact
does celebrity apply here? now my master attempt is possibly thwarted, and
it's ok.......(Trev's see's much worse regularly, but only because I can't
play with Dave, too many of you are "realisers")
hey, honestly, was not it insane enough??  also, would I not be allowed in
the line-up for official permission to share 7-10 years into the future???
BOC-L will outsurvive the underwater radiation burns....
suggestion: noted

On 8/14/07, Stephen Swann <swann at> wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 04:51:49AM -0500, mike coleman wrote:
> > Dear Kris ....
> > because I am so nuts, and I just took the high-dive purchasing the new
> > Husband/Calvert CD which I have to have obviously, would you two
> consider,
> > just consider, making my copy the most insanely cool version
> chock-full-of
> > genie smoke-puffs, of  personal delite a non-human could wish for while
> > stranded here waiting for more wind?????
> > never hurts to contact the doc and his fam..........
> > nothing Dave leaks out of this fortress, I know, and have known, and
> husband
> > knows.......
> > little boy 42, mike coleman
> How come when you write to Kris your mail is almost complete
> sentences, instead of the asterisk-saturated stream of
> consciousness you give us?
> Mike, stop sucking up to celebrity!
> Steve
> ;-)

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