HW:(was) Hawk Fest in Amsterdam

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 16 18:05:52 EDT 2007

777 On 8/16/07, StevePXR5 at aol.com StevePXR5 at aol.com
777 PS... for those that don't know what I'm on about... Star Nation: "The
777 Silver Age

right at the time of the great Dallas/Ft Worth teutonic plate-shift, I was
having an extreme battle of the self as to whom to purchase the second "Star
Nation" from: my ace: Andy G...., or, the other ace: Richard himself.....my
indecision was terrible and I got none....so
I only have the first one minus it's hand-made original cover (tear fall),
and I've been stubborn about playing it because that cover will run through
my mind during the course...(I'm getting there)
the question:
which one do I have? and how many are there?

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