Hawkwind is my music, just like its your music too

Amphetamine Embalmer superskrull666 at YAHOO.CO.UK
Thu Aug 16 17:20:09 EDT 2007

i'm g
just figured out: you are more famous in Hawkwind than me.......

i'm gonna cry over my 21st birthday as a Hawkwind fan (sept, 1986, my 1st year of high school I bought SHARP033 at Akers Mic music shop in Oslo)

Going to see Magma in Oslo on Sept. 28, got two tickets........

I saw Roky on TV filmed playing and interviewed in connection with his Oslo gig today......... 

hes gotten chubby!!

well too bad I missed the show........

lots of young fans........


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From: mike coleman <insect.brain at GMAIL.COM>
Sent: Thursday, 16 August, 2007 10:59:06 PM
Subject: Re: JON JARRET NARROWLY ESCAPES TERRORIST BOMB BLAST was NIK/OFF: Litmus & Inner City Unit, The Standard, Walthamstow, 11/05/07

Trev's fine, he's just gotten busier with the increase of world
desperation......if there is a CD of WOW, Steve probably made it...I recall
the 2 of us were very keen on that way back when...maybe he got one of my
LP's after all???...I am dying to hear this again but too
chick-chick-chicken to brave it in the (possessed) jam-box......my "friend"?
Sam claimed he could do it, but huffed and puffed and sounded like a money
thing...hmmm..(so I'd rather just put him under the dirt)......regarding
Necropolis, there must have been something traumatic happen during that
session where Judge is concerned, I can get nothing...you can find it on
Wikipedia, and it confirms no less than Fast-Eddie having contributed, as
well as possibly Michael Burston, if my brain recalls right....at any rate,
it's got my attention.........as for this other Atom-whatever CD, you've yet
again got me confused, but if you simply refer to that "History" cd, I can
probably drum one up fast, OR, dupe my inferior USA copy since Trev takes
candy from babies (this IS total bullshit, BTW)....anyway, if you refer to
yet a 3rd "mystery" Atomgod(s) release, I will begin a bombardment of Trev's
inboxes such as Germany never conceived.......
don't worry about Trev, he's full of love and he takes lovely pics

On 8/16/07, Jonathan Jarrett <jjarrett at chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 10:50:33AM -0500, mike coleman typed out:
> > **Jon in this mail you just mentioned the "second" Atomgods CD not being
> on
> > disc.......don't you mean "WOW, the first??? and speaking of, I just did
> a
> > deal last night on a cassette because I wanted a CDR made from that
> instead
> > of vinyl?? can you help me?? if so I may be willing to freeze Trev (as I
> > threatened him last night) into a godawfully stupid and dumb pose, for
> all
> > eternity............the only other thing with "Atom" in it that I know
> of is
> > "ATOMGOD" "hISTORY rE-WRITTEN", of which there are at least 2 CD issues,
> my
> > UK one had the original flyer, as did the vinyl, and Trev jumped up and
> down
> > and threw a child's tantrum until I agreed to give him mine...he had to
> wait
> > five years for it though...hehehehe,,,,
>        Hey Mike,
>                  no, you're quite right, though Steve Pond seemed to
> believe there was somewhere a CD issue of _Wow_ it was the second one
> that exists like that. But I've never seen it, whereas I have a good
> vinyl copy of _Wow_, so what I was hoping was that the
> difficult-(to-find) second album might make its way onto a re-release
> schedule down Brighton way. Though since Trev hasn't posted (has he?)
> since I posted this to which you replied here I fear I may have
> eternally soured our relations.
> > anyway Jon, or any other qualified elite music person on here, could you
> > start talking Necropolis please, as I think it's another Judge is afraid
> > I'll laugh at if I hear it.....
>        I don't think I'm qualified as I have no idea what you're
> referring to...
> > at any rate, somebody PLEASE work me a deal for a WOW CDR made from my
> > cassette, and your vinyl artwork...you'll be paid in one fashion or
> another
> > great fashion.....
>        Could probably get you a scan of the artwork at least, cut down
> to CD size, and e-mailed, but printing it would have to be your problem.
> Yours,
>        Jon
> --
> "When fortune wanes, of what assistance are quantities of elephants?"
>            (Juvaini, Afghan Muslim chronicler, c. 1206)
> Jon Jarrett, Fitzwilliam Museum, jjarrett at chiark.greenend.org.uk

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