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please forgive me as I so badly just want to be normal and fall in place
...but....I just enjoyed this about 1000 times more than reading the novels
or looking at the graphic novel and filing it away just as you had
done.....I am so pleased to find out that I do still own a sealed 25 years
box set, however I don't think I can open it......
I think there really is opposing alien forces and such.....
BTW.personal note,,,,it always "seems" to me like Del gets more mention that
Dik, but I've gotten it in my head that it was actually Dik's twirling that
did the most for me........
ps-=hope you got the mail I sent and feel free to pass the knowledege to
FoFP if he's got no air...

On 8/19/07, Jill Strobridge <jill.strobridge at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm probably going to regret this but I can't resist a challenge.....
> When
> it first arrived I looked through it and promptly filed it under "Utterly
> Incomprehensible".   However I've now had a read through with notebook and
> pencil to see if it makes any sense at all this is what I've come up with:
> Ledge of Darkness
> The underlying precept seems to be a Hawkwind band history using the
> conceit
> that a cosmic conflict between two alien races at the dawn of the Universe
> before Earth was formed from the Ledge of Darkness influences the
> continual
> coming and going of band members.    One alien race creates a destructive
> psychic sound effect and the other side creates a mythical group of
> Hawklords to counter it.   And when on 20th century Earth Del creates his
> Delatron sound at the dawn of Hawkwind's formation this allows the
> Hawkwind
> persona to merge with the mythical Hawklords.    Interactions between
> opposing alien forces and the Hawklords take place and a mythical Earth is
> formed of Strangeness.    But Strangeness decays and Hawkwind band members
> in both the real and mythical worlds are continually lost because they
> succumb to the decay of Strangeness so new members are steadily recruited
> to
> take their place.
> The mythical Hawklords on-going struggle with opposing forces is
> represented
> by the emergence of various Hawkwind song titles - Brain Storm / Death
> Trap
> etc while Doug Smith arrives and departs in strange guise in the mythic
> world to rescue the band at significant moments.   The support of ghost
> members of Hawkwind at a crucial time eventually creates an effect so
> immense that the alien warring factions are consumed by it and the
> surviving
> Hawkwind band members return to the real world as humans.   They later
> meet
> up with a Punk who inadvertently creates a computer generated wave so
> intense that Hawkwind disappear in 1985.    Calvert goes in search of them
> and sets about recreating Delatron with Del and there follows a period
> when
> many small bands are formed all playing Delatronised Music while Nic
> Turner
> goes touring.
> Hawkwind eventually reappear but they have become a Monster of Rock (a
> rather large squidgy looking pudding with tentacles) and this is clearly
> considered to be Not A Good Thing.   So when the Hawkwind Agglomerate
> Monster of Rock turns up to play at Stonehenge it is lured inside the
> stones
> and surrounded by a Delatronised music shield.  This causes the monster to
> explode releasing the real Hawkwind from stasis along with lots of bubbles
> (a reference to Barney Bubbles here?).    And thus it ends - the rest
> being,
> I suppose, unwritten history as yet.
> But I don't suppose this makes any more sense than the graphic book!
> cheers
> jill
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> > Thanks, to both you arin, and Mike for the info on Queens of Deliria.
> > Nobody ever was able to describe The Ledge of Darkness graphic novel to
> > me.
> > Can someone tell me the gist of the story?
> >
> > Mary
> >
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