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<and  to just pound out one last one that is positive, before I actually  fall
<out of this chair, remembering Strange Daze 98, the singer for  Finally
<Balanced, could his name be Billy??, ...I had the great luck  and good
<fortune to get to meet and hang out with a bit thanks to my  superiors, and I
<thought he was one of the coolest people I have ever  met in my life
<how the hell is he????
Billy is selling used cars in LA. 
Tommy and Joe from FB were at all 3 Hawk shows in June, I see Tommy fairly  
regularly, Joe not that often.
They have a new metal/psych outfit called Candy Cane Skull... They are  
trying to get on the Hawkfesette bill scheduled for Amsterdam in the winter of  
2008. When a demo comes out i'll send one your way.
bill s

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