(HW, coolest band on earth, content) Bjork and The Cubes and my persoanl TAT annoyance

Crowning Kings Mngmt insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 1 01:12:21 EDT 2007

my problem turned out that I never got my paws on the RARER TAT LP, which
DOES NOT have the sugar cubes
you might be surprised what I have to sawp for a decent copy of
that...(identifiable as strictly a Hawkwind LP, unless I got it backwards,
and I _think_the booklet is 16 pages vs 32????
at any rate, I'm still jealous of my German monster magnate over getting one
hurry though as kitty will eat but I may soon be in search of food
If I promise a record, you will GET the record, or disc, etc
CKM aka morphing names mc

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