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no..and he was in the original space ritual. new album "Space Ritual..Naked 
94" out soon...a milestone in the history of space rock.

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> <^>"Yah, but the original barefoot singer was Ronnie van Zandt
> <^>of Lynyrd Skynyrd..."
> <^>theo
> alright Theo! (and everyone else!!!)
> other than my most fortunate luck of having an Ace up the sleeve (Trev), 
> it
> should be obvious that I'm rather nobody at all....
> at any rate, at least I got the Skynyrd one right, and listed him first
> as for Kravitz, I'd never know...see him as cool but can't really stand 
> most
> of his tunes, seems a poser mixture to me......(no offense on anyone, 
> Bjork
> hurts people in airports and messed up my TAT LP, and the others are
> expertise I don't have...).
> _*HOWEVER_ Wallis of the "I'm not sleepin' in a field" ilk, got booted 
> from
> UFO for unprofessionally not wearing shoes......I always thought (as well 
> as
> getting drunk and telling Mogg off, which is fine with me because Mick
> Bolton was the shit to me) , until you folks who are my teachers correct
> me??? that's why I listed him, and lastly*
> *can we please scoot Nik and Dave aside for Judge, and simply realise he 
> is
> his own man, despite at this point in his career he looks to Nik for a few
> reasons some are private but I can tell you he is NOT a Dave Brock
> detractor.........**......he's fun......*
> ps-Kravitz clogs toilets....did anyone else see that show????

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