the reason of the RFM CDR's

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 1 15:37:53 EDT 2007

I've just woken up from a somewhat pleaseant nap, to find an email from
Judge telling me that if I didn't relay this info, _right now_, today, he
won't speak to me or anyone ever again
he said the CDR's they do are because most of the festy bands to include
Harvey and Nik to some extent, cannot afford to have glass masters made on
much of their material, and without some of this stuff being available, they
wouldn't have the turnout at the live shows and gigs that they otherwise
have.  I can attest from personal experience that Trev needs medicating if a
bad one gets reported-
I had one that Commander Jim was overplaying Trev's guitar in ONE spot, and
I ended up with a CDR test-press inclusing guitar pick and now have 2
versions of the Mother Of All Bands CD
I provided Trev with Carl?? was it?? personal email since I had words with
him as he was leaving us temporarily about copying mine for him, and
apparently he has committed the ONE RFM major sin/commandment of NOT
returning the original so Trev can catch you in the act........
are you reading this Mary honey????   don't report anything bad if you are
not sure because psychotropics like we get here in USA go for a LOT of money
on the street in Britania..........
at any rate, he said he always uses the HIGHEST quality ones and in 7 years
there has been no return and Carl? for reasons unknown hasn't followed
I've got some rather cool notes about the Dog Rot Animal lyric's I would
like to share in near future
sorry, the devil made me write this one
carry on
yours always
just mc

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