The "Original" Space Ritual

trev judge48 at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 1 20:34:12 EDT 2007

now i've sent the shitty thing to the whole list instead of just to you

erm hallo list..this was meant only for mike coleman

tootle doo

you see what i mean when i say he's trying to kill me

bye bye all

have a nice evening/day

dum de dum de dum
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From: "trev" <judge48 at HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 12:16 AM
Subject: Re: The "Original" Space Ritual

> who the hell is christian
> why do i want his email addy
> yes i'm having a wierd night
> things are happening in my head which i am scared of
> ok ok ok
> i'll send you the bleeding cd
> do you want the first one when i've done the cover, or the first test 
> burn, 'cos your not having both oh no no no
> and where is your address again
> how can i send
> you know i always lose your address.
> i'm frightened
> when i explode, people do what i want
> when i don't explode they shit on me
> there is no medium way
> both ways are unacceptable
> does this happen when its the end of the world?
> i've just exploded in a calm legal way at niks record company. i made them 
> frightened of what i could do, in a very clever way
> within 24 hours i have a legal promise of $1200 from them
> this is not normal
> this has never happened before
> when my girlfriend lori comes i hope she will calm me but probably the 
> reverse will happen
> you can tell anybody anything
> mexican tar is weak shit ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
> i havn't done that stuff for 7 years
> go take a cold bath
> yes all brits are shit
> we want your money
> we dont want your culture unless its the rock n roll part
> your culture is a joke (apart from the rock and roll...)
> the world is now laughing
> ha ha ha ha ha haha ha haha
> the whole world
> the whole world
> laughing
> laughing
> ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
> do you hear
> laughing
> ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
> the dali lama is laughing
> ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
> help me
> this could be paranoid schizophrenia
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> From: "mike coleman" <insect.brain at GMAIL.COM>
> Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 10:33 PM
> Subject: Re: The "Original" Space Ritual
>> folks, trev is having a bad evening it looks like...he's accusing me of
>> having a hidden agenda here
>> it isn't
>> I just stated that helios did a 180^ turn after the fact, and WTF?????
>> if there is any doubt Trev, here is Christian's addy:
>> superskrull666 at
>> ask him where my "no humans allowed" cd is!!!???
>> listen you, if you are using me and then turning to save another pence, I
>> will kill you.....with mexican black tar
>> On 11/1/07, mike coleman <insect.brain at> wrote:
>>> NOTHING to do with Hawkwind, the first short-lived illegit Space Ritual
>>> band was a sham (the one with wotsit on guitar)
>>> Judge Trev Thoms played in the original, and thanks to a friend in a 
>>> high
>>> place I cannot mention, we are going to get to own a new RFM version 
>>> (you
>>> know who you are)
>>> thank you
>>> mike
>>> FTR-when  speaking with Helios at one of his own shows about all that, 
>>> he
>>> was very dismissive and uninterested in that whole furball
>>> the show rather sucked
>>> I liked his 2 microphone setup with a zillion FX pedals and such, not to
>>> mention the big x-ray eye glasses which were no doubt a carry-over from 
>>> the
>>> hardware store derived workbench glasses with the flashlights on either
>>> sides of the head which I by way of nik and del put onto Helios and Len 
>>> D R,
>>> but honestly
>>> it sucked
>>> maybe a bad night
>>> ps-this mail was ordered from on high, as high as it gets (well, there 
>>> is
>>> another as high)

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