OFF and INVISIBLE/The "Original" Space Ritual

vzenv14m maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET
Fri Nov 2 09:47:32 EDT 2007

Hi Trev
The money I'm referring to is what you wrote about in your posting, "within
24 hours I have a legal promise of $1200." Just stay out of the laughing
academy.  Whenever I think of Laughing Policeman, I think of Mike Moorcock's
The End Of All Songs, where there's a choir of singing policemen.  I don't
know if your into the Moorcock material, but the image always strikes me as
really funny.  Mike Coleman told me your song is quite demented, so I'm
interested in hearing it.  I hope this webcast works out, I'll be able to
catch 1 of your shows. I'll even be familiar with some of the music, thanks
to the generosity of a certain friend who sent me R and R, and God and Man,
which are still in rotation among my most played discs.  Honestly, I don't
listen to a lot of music, since Chris has been away, it depresses me, with
him being a sound man, and all.
That tar sh** is nasty, God only knows what it's cut with, and I don't think
I want to know, ak!

Your friend,

Blind Chick

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