(OFF) Trev domesticated??

Delta-Wave insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 8 13:38:02 EST 2007

um, that was my point...I'll go away if it'll border it back where you
prefer it
true apology, if needed, I was annoyed at getting passed to Lori, who I
rather i hesitantly agreed to give her a child sine Trev won't or can't, 2
calls ago, but she musta judged me.......
and for "some" thing of attempted value, he still hasn't photgraphed his
wall for the art, apparently......
at the root of my threat was money, our money (the ones he calls blessed
one anyhow)
I can't tell you Tim Blake is back with the Wind, cause you already know
On 11/8/07, Arjan Hulsebos <arjanh at wolfpack.nl> wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 10:31:05 -0600, Delta-Wave wrote
> > get this, I rang Trev yesterday (to tell him I was going to kill him)
> >  but his apron got stuck and in his embarrassment he tried to claim
> > his onions were burning
> BOC-L, which by now borders on the absurd.
> ;-)
> Arjan H
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