Hawkwind 180 gram vinyl press + garbled motormouthing

Copy #1 of NAKED is MINE!!! haha insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 22 07:57:32 EST 2007

I've just had a private mail from a well known and respected friend of all
ours on this forum......in an attempt to suppress my boundary-crossing
nature that I will NEVER be completely rid of, I won't name him......(it's
OK generally with Trev, and it's one of the reasons the prices of his older
LP's will be out-of-general-reach when I'm done)
It sounded to me like "Fan X" enjoys the EMI remaster enhanced sound-FX, but
hasn't got the 180 gram vinyl copy.......
due to my real parents likely having been dopers, drinkers, or something
untoward, along with my own, the 'ol memory sucks.....
so I'll say this:
I recall it was done by EMI, came in a thick plastic PVC? sleeve, and had an
(to me) annoying silver sticker attached
my opinion: the mix on this record DESTROYS all others including all CD
and if you have the collection bug sickness, that German monster collector
just shoved a test-press of it in my face........he'll pass away soon
probably from the stress of staying on top of it all and I'll lie patiently
in-wait to inherit it all!!!!!
the good news: I shouldn't think it would be too difficult to find a
copy....and if you do, PLEASE make me a CDR....my several copies got left in
the deserted cities of the heart
some possibly useless ramble:
mary "blindchick" bruce and I were discussing our disappointment with the
seemingly muddy sound on the Doremi CD's.....I admittedly have only a so-so
stereo, which saves my ass living in an apartment, plus I was initially
supposed to make payments, but clever bitching has it here minus money
anyway, I whipped out the old One-Way copy and blasted it, and it
worked!!!!!   I took off
I've just discovered that Richard Lloyd-Langton and myself are both 7th day
aquarians, so could this explain why I've now bought 4 copies of the German
'Like An Arrow" LP, when the turntable I have doesn't work and I don't have
money to eat, hardly????...and further, why I am going on a third (2
confirmed) copies of Rev Trev's WOW LP??? (I would still LOVE to be informed
why the guitar on the german Langton LP was slightly altered, and the blue
color lightened.....further, another reason I am fond of this one, is it
lacks the lamination that causes yellowing on the edges with age, plus it
was the last joyful LP I got before I lost home and NEVER got to play it)
(now back to the WOW LP) of which the back cover is up on my wall and it
isn't on yours!!!!!! (that must suck)
so anyway, those for which it's thanksgiving, fatten up, I know I will since
I've developed a "reserve" tank, never knowing how long till the next lame
the point of all this: would an expert step up and fill in the gaps about
the ISOS 180 gram please????
send me a Rega 3 turntable and help me start Delta-Wave as a label and I'll
teach you how to play vinyl forever without worry......CD booklets SUCK ASS,
and everyone deserves intermission when albuming
ps -Dave Adams,  I know you're on here, and I _DID NOT_ attack you, I simply
defended the hidden meanings buried in my rightful insanity!!! (weather
correct or imaginary, no matter to me)
Dog Rot Animichael

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