arrival of Space Ritual 1994 desk mix: "NAKED" in Dallas

Mike Coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 23 23:48:52 EST 2007

ok freaky music fiends...
I know I'm pushing the limits as usual ,,,,,,but.........this is biz
as I was just walking home from yet another rather depressing venture out
for the food annoyance, trying to "play hip" with the crack-prostitutes
offers as my lonely walk home with the cooler weather and thoughts of my
ruined parental relationship combined with the oncoming holiday having me
thinking of death's possible release,  I decided to check my mail again
indeed I've got signed auto'd numbered copy 1 of NAKED
I tried to have it sent to the Stewarts, but Trev being the great soul he is
wanted me to check it out........he was concerned if it was good enough
well friend, you did know what you were up is the answer
the music is significantly differing from the Helios version at once, even
though I haven't played that stuff lately
track 2, Sonic Attack, had me ready to proclaim it a must due to Commander
Jim's most tripulous contribution
and then the magic happened:
may cat, who came from way beyond, was bored, and Jim's synth's started
freaking him out, and he's never responded to anything else before, he is
now running around and leaping wth joy- to the music
so there is the answer straight from mother nature
this release supports TREV, so please consider the oh-so-many-damned years
he's been at this, and the holiday.......the bottom line...he is a great
musician, .....and OUR friend
BTW, the credits on the back were inspired by Thoms chanting my name over
and over..........I'm flattered
the cat says hell yes

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