BOC: Fire of Unknown Origin reprinted?

Jeff Thompson jt_ at COX.NET
Sat Jul 5 18:02:13 EDT 2008

Jason Scruton wrote:
> Got this from Amazon after sorting Blue Oyser Cult by release date:
> Audio CD (February 1, 2008) 
> Original Release Date: June 1981 
> Number of Discs: 1 
> Label: Sbme Special Mkts. 
> it's fire of unknown origin, no extra tracks, no indication of being
> re-anythinged.
> and who/what is sbme? sony in a parallel universe (or in foreign markets?)
> Anyone seen this disc?

Yeah, must be Sony BMG.

Maybe calling it a "reussue" will prompt record stores to buy an
obligatory CD to stock.  That's why they keep issuing compilations.

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