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*sorry I'm hovering around so much, by the way what time zone are you in,
I'm fascinated by it!!!*
*you're right I did misunderstand, and now we're in harmony*
*I say get Nik that multi-colored wig he had in one of those RCA-era tour
programs I think it was and "put him in coach"*
*but I have bigger dreams to continue.....*

On 7/22/08, Jonathan Jarrett <jjarrett at> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 12:37:06PM -0500, mike coleman typed out:
> > >        This is one of those things where people seem to remember it
> > > different, innit, most especially Lemmy and Nik, though I was
> > > listening to _1999 Party_ last night, with Nik doing his best menace
> > > over `Warriors at the Edge of Time' and thinking: "Nah. You were
> > > into the scary schtick then, mate, you just don't want to remember
> > > it that way".
> >
> > *well we disagree again....I think Nik doing those vocals is as good as
> it
> > ever got (for an american who wasn't at HW gigs then)  and in fact I
> mailed
> > Nik about this very thing a few months ago*
> > *I liked Nik doing the vocals on stuff like that the very best..;;;;just
> my
> > opinion, not saying it's the right one or the best one....I have stated
> > before that I always considered Nik the other head of a two-headed Hawk,
> and
> > quite frankly, I wish to god he could get along with Dave, and not
> > over-honk, because I wish he was in Hawkwind......I hope he dirched the
> > white alien-spikey suit by now though...*
>        No, no, I think I've been misunderstood here. What I mean is,
> you know how when Nik talks about Hawkwind he pictures it as this happy
> hippy commune where everyone was nice and friendly; and when Lemmy talks
> about it he emphasises the messing with the audience, the playing with
> frequencies that resonated body cavities and the general attack. What I
> was saying is that _1999 Party_ makes it sound very much as if Nik
> didn't mind being frightening at times too.
>        I've seen Nik be good with Hawkwind, and I've seen him be bad;
> on the whole I'd rather overall that Nik brought Farflung etc. as his
> backing band over to the UK than see either Space Ritual or Hawkwind at
> the moment, but until Nik finds some fellow travellers with that much
> discipline, the real Hawks are going to be the dependable act. Not that
> some of Nik's chaotic gigs haven't been fun... but not all of them by a
> long chalk.
> > >    *Oh I'm sure it is, but wouldn't Lemmy know it was being used??,
> etc,
> > > etc...*
>        Oh right. Well, I can't imagine he objects to extra revenue. But
> I bet he bitches in interviews about how Hawkwind are still making money
> out of his singing... Yours,
>                             Jon
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