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well, all isn't lost, we will now plan an attack on the piano teacher
I'm not an idiot, I just have low self-esteem
Jerry Garcia is (was)  known to be an extremely talented guitarist
I may become a fan some day, but I have all this quantity of British
space-stuff that just doesn't allow my attention out very far
also wanted to say I enjoyed everyone who hasn't flamed and Owen's
especially though I must reread it
and to make this more "less annoying" how about my now sending a post that I
had saved in draft form to spare the masses
but before that, I have had this EGG cd for 18 years, and I am once again
trying to "get" it.....
 I was just really mindless and typed "top psychedelic albums of all time"
into a search, and got EXACTLY what I expected
first, this one, that I got annoyed by:
then, the next place I went, had this first:

On 7/23/08, Mary Sullivan <maryann.sullivan1 at verizon.net> wrote:
> I didn't indulge in anything at my first Dead show, but I got it, crystal
> clear, I was offered some wine, and smoke, but I knew I'd probably dig the
> smoke too much, so I decided to wait till I was older before thinking of
> indulging in anything, and that's the real acid test, if it works without
> the drugs that's a cool thing.
> Mike, isn't it interesting, how we can be coming from such different
> places,
> ideologically and still connect.  That's what I love about the music I
> listen to, aside from the music, I love interacting with other fans,
> especially those who know more than I do, which includes almost everyone
> here on this forum, and other Hawkwind forums too.  I want to keep learning
> and growing.
> Stay cool,
> Mary
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> >
> >  "\them tripping to "get it".
> >> Well, actually, I never saw them whilst tripping either, but I still
> >> rather feel like I got something there. :) "
> >>
> >> I was simply annoyed at mary, since I've gotten almost too close with
> her,
> >> and she knows how much I HATE hearing the 2 things regarding the
> Dead......I
> >> think we'd be poor Hawkwind fans not to realize that the Dead certainly
> had
> >> talent in quantity, regardless if it didn't appeal to all.....
> >>
> >> My younger next-door neighbor was a complete Dead-Head, and he had
> Warrior
> >> before I did, and he wouldn't sell it or trade it with me, and I
> >> contemplated (unseriously) doing a break-in, especially since my mom
> swore
> >> she saw him as one of the getaways with one of my guitars.......I later
> had
> >> eyes for his younger sister who sadly was another who thought you can
> "play"
> >> with Heroin, and her friend who was also rather lovely, is no longer
> with
> >> us......overdose....but anyway, Karen, his sister, said Alan (him) would
> >> have "Fire On The Mountain", "Fire On The Mountain", playing playing...
> >>
> >

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