important sad news folks

Mary Sullivan maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET
Thu Jul 24 15:11:37 EDT 2008

Hi Jon,
I know Chris would heartily approve of your choice of action.  He was proud
to have been involved in that project.
Thanks for everything, I enjoy your postings.

Your friend,


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On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 07:18:48AM -0500, mike coleman typed out:
> I just woke up to one of those messages that don't seem real when you get
> them
> Mary's Bruce's husband Chris, is no longer with us

	I didn't reply to this when it came in, I should have. What I
did instead was go and find _California Brainstorm_ and mentally thank
him for making it sound that way. So sorry, Mary, but I hope you find
the good in life again somehow. Yours,

"When fortune wanes, of what assistance are quantities of elephants?"
	    (Juvaini, Afghan Muslim chronicler, c. 1206)
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