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Denis Regenbrecht denis at PTI-INC.DE
Mon Jul 28 09:47:47 EDT 2008

Hi Christian,

On 27.07.2008, at 01:00, Amphetamine Embalmer wrote:

> I finally just got Hawk Meets Penguin on CD. No info at all on it. I  
> know this is the 'other' UK Amon Duul like the Die Losung CD with  
> Robert Calvert. What are the personell lineups on these CDs of the  
> UK AD?

I don't have the CD myself, but from what I know AD UK is basically  
just John Weinzierl (g, voc) and Dave Anderson (b) plus an assortment  
of various guest musicians.
For the "Hawk meets Penguin" CD those were Guy Evans on drums/ 
percussion and Julie Wareing on female vocals.
On the "Die Lösung" the guests also were Evans and Wareing, plus  
additionally Ed Wynne (g, syn) and Joie Hinton (syn) from the Ozric  
Tentacles, Robert Calvert (voc), Mick Jones (dr), Tony McPhee (g),  
Marcus Diess (perc) and Mick Chetwood (syn).

np: Amon Düül II, "Made in Germany"

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