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Too much speed gives you that stretch canvas masque. Look like a movie queen. See you all at the hoolabandoola White Stripes party, a friendly Christian-worshipping band i have fallen in love with......... via alt.punk, haha i am so cool and so are they. NP: "Elephant" by The White Stripes

I recommend medication for the absence of Fool Moon.....something that
causes "mask face" and drooling

On 7/28/08, Denis Regenbrecht <denis at> wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> On 27.07.2008, at 01:00, Amphetamine Embalmer wrote:
> I finally just got Hawk Meets Penguin on CD. No info at all on it. I know
>> this is the 'other' UK Amon Duul like the Die Losung CD with Robert Calvert.
>> What are the personell lineups on these CDs of the UK AD?
> I don't have the CD myself, but from what I know AD UK is basically just
> John Weinzierl (g, voc) and Dave Anderson (b) plus an assortment of various
> guest musicians.
> For the "Hawk meets Penguin" CD those were Guy Evans on drums/percussion
> and Julie Wareing on female vocals.
> On the "Die Lösung" the guests also were Evans and Wareing, plus
> additionally Ed Wynne (g, syn) and Joie Hinton (syn) from the Ozric
> Tentacles, Robert Calvert (voc), Mick Jones (dr), Tony McPhee (g), Marcus
> Diess (perc) and Mick Chetwood (syn).
> (c)IAO
>                        D+R
> np: Amon Düül II, "Made in Germany"

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