HW: Calvert reference?

Edmund Clout e_clout at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 1 16:41:15 EST 2009

Browsing in WHSmith yesterday looking at (not reading for free, honest!) cycling magazines, I noticed the current issue of Scale Aviation Modeller has an article on the TF-104 Starfighter titled 'The Right Stuff'. I scanned it for Calvert/HW references, but it was all about obsure variations and custom decal sheets. Did wonder if the assoiciation of the 'The Right Stuff' phrase with the Starfighter comes from Tom Wolfe, which I guess is possible if the Mercury astronauts trqained in them or some thing. I've not read the book or watched the film. If not then there's a secret HW/Calvert Fan at SAM! And it did make me exclaim 'That's Hawkwind' out loud in public to no one in particular!
On the subject Rochdale library has a Bryan Talbot graphic novel thingy called 'Brainstorm', although I think he knew exactly what he was doing so it's not so obscure.
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