HW: Calvert reference?

Edmund Clout e_clout at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 2 05:29:41 EST 2009

Hi Mike, nice photos of Tomcats. Not sure how that follows directly though, or is it just tangental? Here's a link for the model magazine
It's volume 15 issue 1, the current issue at the moment.
Aha, just looked on the second page of google stuff re.'starfighter and the right stuff', and it's all over the film and all the astronauts did train in it so it's not really a HW reference, except in my head! see this page:
The first paragraph in the 'about Starfighters' section.
Any rumblings about a Hawkfest this year?
!!!Hooray for spring tour!!!
> Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 21:28:31 -0600> From: insect.brain at GMAIL.COM> Subject: Re: HW: Calvert reference?> To: BOC-L at LISTSERV.ISPNETINC.NET> > <*>: http://www.brentkeener.com/Stuff/boom.jpg> <*>: http://z.about.com/d/urbanlegends/1/0/-/F/sound_barrier7sm.jpg> <*>:> http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/08/images/050808_soundbarrier.jpg> > On 1/1/09, Edmund Clout <e_clout at hotmail.com> wrote:> >> > Browsing in WHSmith yesterday looking at (not reading for free, honest!)> > cycling magazines, I noticed the current issue of Scale Aviation Modeller> > has an article on the TF-104 Starfighter titled 'The Right Stuff'. I scanned> > it for Calvert/HW references, but it was all about obsure variations and> > custom decal sheets. Did wonder if the assoiciation of the 'The Right Stuff'> > phrase with the Starfighter comes from Tom Wolfe, which I guess is possible> > if the Mercury astronauts trqained in them or some thing. I've not read the> > book or watched the film. If not then there's a secret HW/Calvert Fan at> > SAM! And it did make me exclaim 'That's Hawkwind' out loud in public to no> > one in particular!> > On the subject Rochdale library has a Bryan Talbot graphic novel thingy> > called 'Brainstorm', although I think he knew exactly what he was doing so> > it's not so obscure.> >> > Mundo> > _________________________________________________________________> > Imagine a life without walls. See the possibilities.> > http://clk.atdmt.com/UKM/go/122465943/direct/01/
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