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I suspect that many people do not realise just how much money is needed to keep a gigging band going.  For the level of fees being discussed, it is virtually impossible to make money out of playing live; rehearsals almost have to be done out of goodwill and a professional desire to make everything as good as it can be.  When people live all over the country, this can be very difficult to achieve.

When former members of what is still the biggest-grossing spacerock band in the UK have stated that they could not make a living being in that band, and that all of their "fees"  were taken up in travel costs to and from rehearsals or were not sufficient for them to get off benefits, then what hope is there for anyone?

Sloppiness is never excusable when a paying audience is involved but I sometimes feel that audiences need to take account of the realities facing musicians.


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>They're all rehearsed and in practice before he arrives

There's Not enough money for Gigs -and- rehearsals.. something has to
go! rehearsals are expensive when the band lives in all corners of the
country, so you have to add up transport, accommodation & rehearsal
room fees.. that takes care of a grand easily.  

So assuming 200 people go to a SR gig that is £10 on the door that's
half the money.. how many people in SR? 6 so we're left with 1000
divided by 6 which is £166.. then lets say they had 2 rehearsals, so
over 3 days each member earned £55 per day. probably less that they'd
generate staying home and doing whatever they do normally, and pretty
close to minimum wage!

You could say they can rehearse at Nik's, but you still have to remove
a minimum of £500 expenses, train tickets, fuel etc. 

That leaves 1500 divided by 6 divided by 3 = £83 per day each.

And my calculations don't take into account the roadies the lightshow
people, dancers travel expenses etc.. and I guarantee they get paid
before the band do. 

So as much as I agree Nik & his bands need to rehearse more, I
completely understand why they don't.

...and when Krankschaft start advertising for a drummer it will be
hard explaining that we're doing it for the love of it!


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