Book a Space combo for your private party

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Wed Jan 21 19:33:20 EST 2009

we'd very first have to go in and dismantle 90 percent of the drums and
destroy them and  throw them out windows and such to create space
He doesn't understand rock and roll.....
the xylophones definitely have to go so there is space in the living

On 1/21/09, name hidden <insect.brain at> wrote:
> On 1/21/09, trev <judge48 at> wrote:
>> Here is an idea which is catching on in the USA...House gigs <<<<< *hack
>> chop snip buzzsaw home-made bomb blast>>>*
> last time I talked to your boss and just before the nutty mental breakdown,
> I was telling him about my freind sam, now 57 years young, who's got more
> drums and percussive devices crammed into his mom's house than anything Neil
> Peart likely has......
> he knows how to play (I think), and he'll certainly tell you he's smarter
> than einstein, but he has no patience with people and is like mary bruce
> about cigarette smoke, but most of all,  he has no time for life because
> he's collecting movies, or should I say, replicating them........this last
> part is no joke......
> but anyway, your boss was open to a jam and man would it be golden to show
> up over there with not one but 2 or 3 of you, and make sure that person is
> never the same again......

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