HW Space Ritual

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Thu Jan 29 17:27:19 EST 2009

I agree, it's a little annoying reading the slagging. In the US midwest the chance for shows are pretty slim. Couldn't see Peter Hammill live because a friend died the week before. Like he'll be back...

From: Lost Johnny <busterpepper at MIDWAYNET.NET>
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 4:05:57 PM
Subject: Re: HW Space Ritual

Bernard , are you biased in your hate of Nik Turner ! You mean you slag
off  Nik Turner ,Alan Davey,and all of the other ex-members at Herme Bay
based on a  bootleg audience tape ? And thats why you aren't going to
Hawklords 2009 ? YOU WEREN'T even there ? Thats CRAZY ! And also because Nik
is the only original member who will put the money in his pocket ? Why the
insult on the money against NIk ? All the people there did a very charitable
and great thing !The money from Herme Bay went to a sick Jill Calvert . How
much Hawkwind give at the show for Jill? Oh thats right ,they weren't there
. Ever hear of Dik Mik and Terry Ollis ? Who but Dave is original in
Hawkwind ? Will you not go to Hawkfest because of that ,only one original
member Dave ? That would be like me saying that " I'm no longer going to see
Hawkwind live ,not because I saw them live before and didn't like it , but
basing my opinion on the really crappy sounding Knights of Space cd ." And
its even worse because Knights of Space was a legitimate  release ,not a
dodgy audience tape . Sometimes I think some Hawkfans in the UK are really
not thinking right . You have the chance to see both Dave Brock and Nik
Turner all the time and you don't go to one or the other . I wish you would
send Hawkwind and SpaceRitual to the the USA ,because all US fans including
me would go to see both and feel very lucky to do so . When Hawkwind and Nik
toured the USA in the 90's ,the same loyal fans were at both . After all
,every show from Nik and Dave could be the last one ever and should not be
treated with the attitude that I'll see them next time. There both pushing
70 years old and Dave can't even stand the whole shows anymore.


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