Mike Coleman

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jan 31 20:30:12 EST 2009

If you live where the cheese is plentiful and likened me to Iggy Pop , then
I had your (old) phone number pulled out a couple months ago but chickened
out......that means you were sacred and you also are the solitary entrusted
holder of the flame
otherwise take no offense
surviving death is taxing on a (I'll leave that blank)
no offense to John either way, he was a friend too

On 1/31/09, Lost Johnny <busterpepper at midwaynet.net> wrote:
> Mike ,its been a few years since I talked to you .Are you still that
> really addicted ,Hawkwind collector with the 20 or so copies of Church of
> Hawkwind on vinyl ? I still have a picture somewhere you sent me , with all
> your Church of Hawkwind vinyls laid out on the floor .

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