HW kollectorpost-Mind Journey LP sighting

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 1 10:21:57 EDT 2009

On 6/1/09, M Holmes <fofp at holyrood.ed.ac.uk> wrote:
> So was that the genuine Mind Journey LP?
> Annoyed that I missed it. I'd have paid more than that.
> FoFP

No no Mike, I was just trying to get your attention, there is only one copy
of mind journey, that we know of for sure, and it's Brian Tawn's.....
This one appears to be a new item called (stupidly) "Alien Autopsy", and is
a different 75 show. I do confess to wanting one myself however, but not at
inflated prices
apology to you and visionary head, I thought it would be obvious it was

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